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En Clave de Podcast

Bienvenidos a En clave de podcast.
Welcome to En clave de podcast. 

Feb 5, 2017

Hablamos con Alex PerDel, podcaster en 'Aventura Bilingüe' y la fuerza detrás de la web y comunidad de "Crecer en inglés".

La primera conversación.

Craig da las gracias a Alex por anunciar en su blog su aparición en En clave de podcast.
Here it is:

Cómo empezó la aventura bilingüe de Alex.

La comunidad de padres y madres que estan hablando a sus hijos en inglés sin ser nativos.


¿¿¿De dónde saca Alex el tiempo para hacer tantas cosas???

Por qué Alex tiene un foro en su web. (La respuesta demuestra lo popular de la aventura de Alex.)

La conexión de Alex con Hootsuite, como "embajador".

We speak in English for a bit...

Alex recomienda:

Tu inglés:

English as a Second Language podcast:

BBC Learn English Podcasts:

ABC News videos:

Ted Talks:

Post-Interview Discussion

Alex has started a very niche and unusual podcast that puts him outside his comfort zone.

It’s wonderful to be able to use the internet and podcasting to learn and grow in an area in which you’re not an expert.

A podcast about fathers raising children: Perki & Mann's Dadcast

Mommy’s Cocktail Hour:

Extraordinary Business Books:

Zero to Book:

The Story Grid:

Craig: You don’t have to be an expert in something in order to start a podcast about it. You just need to be excited about it.

Do podcasters need their own website?

Pilar: It depends! If you’re serious about your podcast and may possibly want to make money from it in the future, you should create a ‘home’ for you podcast and have a website. If you can’t do it yourself, pay someone to do it for you.

You can also just put up a simple blog with basic information.

Craig: Why not preview and ‘tease’ an upcoming event on your blog to generate interest as well as posting about things that have already happened.



People who live in countries that do not dub their TV shows generally have a higher level of English.

The Go Jetters:

YouTube: BBC Learn English for Kids:

WOW English TV:


Twitter: @clavepod

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