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Dec 11, 2016

Hablamos con Salvi Melguizo sobre sus tres podcasts: Ladrando en la nube, Sobre perros y El rincón de fisioterapia


La primera conversación

¡Salvi ha llegado a los 100 episodios de Sobre perros!

Salvi habla de sus tres podcasts y de cómo empezó a hacer podcasts con El rincón de fisioterapia.

Nos cuenta cómo se organizan y graban las cuatro componentes de El rincón de fisioterapia. Nos cuenta también cómo ha crecido su clínica Fisioterapia SM y cómo los pacientes se convierten en oyentes.

Accesibilidad de los podcasts y las páginas web.

¡Hablamos de micros!

¿Hay pocas mujeres podcasters?

¿Qué escucha el público español?

Mencionamos una columna acerca de podcasts en el New Statesman

Salvi recomienda:

Pienso luego ya tu sabeh
La cafetera
Radio ambulante

Y también: Historia con sentido


Pilar: One of the reasons that podcasts might not be so popular is possibly because of people’s relationship with radio. It’s not as strong as in the UK, for example.

Radio was tightly controlled by the state in Franco’s day.

Craig: Are most podcasters producing podcasts for other podcasters? Perhaps this is one reason why podcasting isn’t opening up very fast.

The top shows in itunes seem to be re-purposed Spanish radio shows.

Pilar: Brand awareness sends a strong message when it comes to the podcasts listeners choose to listen to.

Craig: Many people still don’t know what a podcast is and where to find them.

In itunes, listeners are choosing popular branded podcasts from sources they know.

Pilar: Emilcar, Sunne, Joss and others are showing good vision in forming podcast networks. This helps the credibility of podcasts in the network.

There is still a divide and a fear of tech for women. It’s a generational thing.

Craig: The tech doesn’t need to be a barrier for women anymore. Perhaps in 3 or 4 years, the split between men and women in podcasting will be similar to that of TV and radio.

Pilar: What’s the gender split in producing radio and TV?

Salvi started with a personal podcast, Ladrando en La Nube, which is quite a vulnerable thing to do.

People would listen to Salvi’s podcast because they like Salvi, not because they especially wanted to inform themselves about a particular topic.

Caroline Crampton write a column on podcasting for The New Statesman (@c_crampton on Twitter) - How Long Should a Podcast Be?

Craig: Please label images and photos on your websites podcasters!

Chinchar(se) = to pester, to annoy, to bug

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